About our Riding

The South Surrey – White Rock Conservative Association is working to elect a Conservative Member of Parliament.

We have five objectives ... 

  1. Support and promote the principles, objectives and policies of the Party and maintain an effective Association for that purpose
  2. Provide organizational and financial support to the Party’s candidate during an election
  3. Raise money and maintain a fund to support the Association and assist candidates
  4. Actively identify potential supporters and recruit new members
  5. Encourage the participation and recruitment of youth

We believe in ...

  • Individual freedom, initiative and rights coupled with responsibilities
  • A free enterprise economy
  • Fiscally-responsible, limited government that is ethical, displays integrity, honesty and concern for the best interests of all
  • Taxation that is fair, equitable and that encourages investment and initiative: recognizing that a dollar in your pocket is better than a dollar paid to government
  • Trading among nations that is free and fair
  • A caring society where respect for dignity of the individual and respect for human rights ensures that the most vulnerable receive support and are empowered to live their lives with dignity
  • The safety of our children and our communities first and foremost and that the rights of criminals are not put above the safety of victims or the community
  • Protecting Canadians by providing national security and ensuring their safety
  • An effective, modern military; capable of defending the interests of Canada at home and abroad
  • Achieving a balance between environmental protection and jobs and the economy
  • A patient-centered universal-access health care system
  • Supporting our allies within the community of nations
  • An immigration system that values the contributions that immigrants make to Canada, including their skills, job creation through investment and the contribution of their cultural traditions to the richness of Canadian society
  • A refugee resettlement process that is compassionate and supportive and ensures that refugee’s critical needs are met so that they have the best chance of success in their newly-adopted country

… and that these beliefs are open to the values, beliefs, hopes and dreams of others who view Canada as a land of freedom, of opportunity and of laws that provide for their safety and protection.