Election Message From Kerry-Lynne Findlay

August 15, 2021

This $610+ million federal election that PM Trudeau has called today is an unnecessary burden on Canadians. Right now, most are trying to put the past 18 months of uncertainty behind them, see family they have been unable to see, recover financially from devastated small business losses and closures, and have a more recognizable summer.

In BC we have destructive wildfires that sent ash falling from the sky right here in South Surrey-White Rock and have affected family and friends. Justin Trudeau said this morning that "the pandemic is not over yet". Canadians are well aware.

They're tired of the Trudeau Liberals' endless scandals and unprecedented ethics breaches, suing Parliament rather than disclose ordered documents, and reckless spending - especially gifts to billion dollar companies (over and above stimulus spending that Conservatives agreed with and voted for). As Kabul falls, they want to honour Afghani interpreters who helped our troops and see the strength necessary to bring 'the two Michael's' home.

All Canadians have sacrificed. They need time to recover.

How and when a general election begins is the choice of the Trudeau Liberals.

How a general election ends on September 20th is the choice of all Canadians.

Conservatives have a positive, sustainable Economic Recovery Plan with a view to supporting those whose mental health has suffered, meeting environmental goals, defending Canada,

helping families prosper, and returning to ethical governance.

I will continue to fight relentlessly for everyone in South Surrey-White Rock to secure a future that is more self-reliant, more affordable, more compassionate, and sees Canada take a leading role in the global push for accountable environmental stewardship. We can achieve this together.

Kerry-Lynne Findlay